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Crowdfunding video is an exemplary way to cultivate direct audience and consumer feedback. Harness this power with the help of Morgan and Preston services.

Crowdfunding video is a powerful tool for creators and producers. As internet technologies and digital mediums continue to revolutionize economies and media ecosystems, no sector has remained stagnant. From television and cinema to tourism and trade, an interconnected world has altered the way networks form and individuals communicate.

Crowd Funding Video Production Morgan and Preston Main Cover
Crafting the perfect crowdfunding video is a multi-stage process.

Enterprising companies and brands are tapping into this raw power and not looking back. This is why Morgan and Preston regularly work with clients on crowdfunding video campaigns. This new financing tool gives companies and individuals such as artists and developers a direct link to audiences. Our crowdfunding clients continually choose our services because we know just how much of an impact these video campaigns can have. From Indiegogo to Kickstarter and Gofundme, these platforms have the power to harness the potential of crowds.

Harnessing the Power of Crowds

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Crowds appreciate a direct line to content and product creators.
At first glance, crowdfunding might seem like a form of funding best implemented by startups. However, established entities are also launching crowdfunding video campaigns. This direct harnessing of the power of crowds empowers consumers and producers both to work together to establish supply and demand. Crowdfunding is essentially the democratization of consumption. Before, companies would do studies on consumption and decide how to innovate from there. Now, consumers can directly vote on what they want to see on the shelves, on screen, in their hands, and in their homes.
Consumers appreciate this aspect of crowdfunding. It makes them feel appreciated in a way that being a mere statistic can not. Individuals appreciate having a line of direct communication with the producers of consumables and media content. At Morgan and Preston, we understand how valued crowdfunding can make consumers feel. We always seek to engage with clients to decide how best to approach making a genuine connection with audiences and customers.

Planning Your Crowdfunding Video

Crowd Funding Video Production Morgan and Preston Planning Crowd Funding Video
The more planning, the more success with any crowdfunding video.
Crowdfunding is essentially an online platform for funding, usually seeking a small contribution from a large number of people. Another term for crowdfunding could be alternative finance. Crowdfunding may be new in prominence. However, it is already well established as a respectable means of financing. $34 billion was raised in 2015 alone via crowdfunding platforms. And all of the most successful campaigns have used crowdfunding video content to generate online traffic and capture attention.
Shooting your crowdfunding video will typically start with a very involved pre-production process. Our policy at Morgan and Preston is that the more thorough the planning, the better the end product. Pre-production consists of storyboarding, scripting, drafting budgets and creating shot lists. The foundation of your vision is built during pre-production. This is also where we will cast talent, lending a human element to the imagery. Morgan and Preston recognize that while principal photography is the most expensive aspect of production, pre-production is the most cost-effective. The more careful the planning, the more crafted the foundation, the smoother the process that follows.

Shooting Your Crowdfunding Video

Crowd Funding Video Production Morgan and Preston Shooting Crowd Funding Video
All the crowdfunding video planning pays off during principal production.
With the foundation established, it’s time to mobilize for the most laborious stage of production. Principal photography is when assorted production departments coalesce into one unified team effort. Some crowdfunding video projects will require a small, mobile production team consisting mainly of camera and sound operators. Others will be more involved, especially if there are multiple locations and costume changes.
During principal photography, creative vision is further refined. Shot composition is crafted, performances are perfected, and framing is established. Some shots will require more elaborate setups, some will be handheld, cinema verite style more in line with documentaries. Often in a crowdfunding video, interviews will be conducted. Some crowdfunding video content also includes BTS (Behind The Scenes) footage and still images. Audiences especially appreciate this kind of content because it gives them a front-row seat for the creative process.

Editing Your Crowdfunding Video

Crowd Funding Video Production Morgan and Preston Editing Crowd Funding Video
In the cutting room, creative vision is perfected into an opera of sights and sounds.
The cameras may not be rolling anymore, but the work is far from finished. In fact, many directors and producers will attest that the real creative effort occurs in the cutting room. Here is where the details are painted in, where the final layers of the audio-visual narrative get added. Sometimes, the vision shifts during this important creative process. Sometimes the final product ends up almost exactly as envisioned through storyboards and scripts in pre-production. Morgan and Preston remain in constant contact with clients during post-production, always remaining flexible to meet unique needs. Here we either edit remotely, or clients can sit in during the process to share their input.

No matter what stage of production, from pre- to post-, Morgan and Preston treat each crowdfunding video as if it were a one of a kind work of art. We pride ourselves on being a boutique production company that discerning clients call on when they need the best in the business. With over a decade of experience catering to the needs of our clients, we know how important video content is and why no shortcuts should ever be taken. Feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing how we can assist with your next crowdfunding video project.

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