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Morgan and Preston provide video and film production services of all varieties. Our boutique production agency is one of Asia Pacific’s most prestigious. This is reflected in our customer base of returning clients who keep coming back because Morgan and Preston provide unsurpassed quality and meticulous attention to detail.


Aerial & Drone Video

Video Production Morgan and Preston Aerial & Drone Video Production Services

Drones have made capturing the perfect aerial shot accessible to filmmakers of all varieties of content. Now even indie filmmakers and documentarians can capture footage that was previously only filmed from helicopters. With all the latest aerial drone video production equipment on the market, the sky’s the limit.

Corporate Video

Video Production Morgan and Preston Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate video production can be demo videos, BTS (behind the scenes) videos, event videos, and instructional content. A corporate video may be intended for current and future employees, stockholders, and board members as well as customers. Corporate video serves to bolster a company’s brand image by imparting…

Digital Marketing

Video Production Morgan and Preston Digital Marketing Video Production Services

With digital marketing, audiences are always just a click away from streaming your company’s advertising content. Both mobile and desktop internet users spend more time watching a video than consuming any other medium. Creative digital marketing video content helps to turn heads and captivate audiences.

YouTube Video Production

Video Production Morgan and Preston YouTube Video Production Services

YouTube is the largest and most distributed online video platform, and enterprising businesses can tap this potential. From corporate videos to demos, behind the scenes footage, and interviews, modern consumers enjoy being part of a brand’s identity. YouTube video production gives them a front-row seat.

Social Media Video Production

Video Production Morgan and Preston Social Media Video Production Services

Social media video production is the standout hit of the 21st century. Consumers enjoy watching videos on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Professionally composed video has a much higher chance of engaging with audiences, which is why Morgan and Preston can help you achieve success.

Event Video Production

Video Production Morgan and Preston Event Video Production Services

Live events remain relevant and add a human element to a brand’s online identity and outreach. Event video production demonstrates that a business has its own community. Event videos invite viewers, customers, and consumers to join in with the fun as they are treated to a backstage pass to the festivities.

Viral Marketing Video

Video Production Morgan and Preston Viral Marketing Video Production Services

With viral marketing video content, well-produced video such as what we craft at Morgan and Preston gets distributed worldwide overnight. Entertaining, engaging advertising and corporate content will make audiences want to be part of the fun by sharing it with their personal networks.

Crowdfunding Video

Video Production Morgan and Preston Crowdfunding Video Production Services

Crowdfunding video has become a breakout hit online, and it’s easy to see why. Online users enjoy being a part of the creative process and having a vote in what kind of content gets produced. Morgan and Preston regularly work with artists, companies, and small businesses to produce the best crowdfunding videos online.

TVC Commercial

Video Production Morgan and Preston Television Commercial Services

Television may be competing with online video, but traditional TV commercials remain prestigious. When viewers see an advertisement on broadcast or cable TV, they immediately perceive it to be something worth considering. For this reason, name luxury brands, multinational corporations, and emerging businesses are all still producing TVC commercial content.

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