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Live events are becoming more and more popular among modern audiences, and video production is part of this phenomenon. With the abundance of video content, many viewers are seeking videos with a distinctly human element. Live event videos offer audiences who were unable to attend the opportunity to have a window into corporate events. And now, with the advent and ubiquity of social media, more and more brands are broadcasting live events via Facebook, YouTube, and other online outlets.

It is important for production companies to use different techniques for live event videography. Camera crew must blend in almost invisibly and capture footage that is candid and natural. Speakers and performers need to be focused on the audience, not the cameras. Morgan and Preston have been filming live events in the Asia Pacific region with resounding success. Our clients have included luxury brands, multi-national corporations, and up and coming startups. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with inquiries, requests for quotations, or questions. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting medium that audiences are sure to relate with.

What is a Live Event Video Production?

Event Video Production Morgan and Preston Live Event Video Production
Seminars, tradeshows, and conventions are all wonderful opportunities for live event video production.

Live events cover a variety of formats and settings. A live event might be a reception, a ball, or a gala, where attendees roam about and socialize. Other forms of live events will be more structured, with audiences, speakers, and stage performers. Live invents can also include trade shows, conventions, festivals, and conferences. Most live event videography crews make a note to blend into the background. They will operate with a minimal crew to maximum effect, capturing the essence of the event message and occasion.

Live event videos are an exemplary way to market a product or service. It is also a way to invite the public into what might otherwise be a private event or ceremony. Oftentimes live events are filmed for posterity, company records, or reunions. Attendees appreciate live event video production because it allows them to reminisce key memories at a later date.

Planning Your Event Video Production

Planning Event Video Production Morgan and Preston
The planning stages are key to successful event video production.

Live event videos typically require a low budget and a lean crew. However, that doesn’t detract from the importance of the planning stages of production, typically called pre-production. It is during this pivotal time that Morgan and Preston work closely with clients to formulate a strong creative vision. Here we will create shot plans and crew lists while communicating with clients openly and directly.

The pre-production phase of production is the foundation of all that is to come. Morgan and Preston always pay careful attention to detail in this stage. With hard work and diligence, Morgan and Preston join forces with our clients to build this foundation for success in the later stages of production: principal photography and post-production. At every step of the way, we never take shortcuts and we treat each aspect of production as a singular work of art.

Shooting Event Video Production

No other stage of the production process is more laborious than principal photography, regardless of the project. It is during this important stage of production that various departments coalesce into one adaptable, mobile production unit. In the case of live event video production, this is when camera crews work closely with sound technicians. If there are multiple locations, then logistics become more of a factor. Transportation, lodging, and catering must be secured within a budget. This stage of production also includes close communication with event staff, planners, and managers.
Every shoot is different, and especially with live event video production, the crew must remain adaptable. Much depends on the unique needs of each particular project, and Morgan and Preston fully engage with our clients. We remain dedicated to producing work that accurately captures the moment and reaches the hearts and minds of viewers.

Editing event video

Editing Event Video Production Morgan and Preston Live Event Video Production
Post-production editing is when the overall vision achieves focus.

The third and final stage of production is called post-production, and this is where the creative vision really starts to take shape. At this stage, the editor, client, and producers focus heavily on the pacing, tempo, and narrative arc of the final product. Morgan and Preston always remain flexible and adaptable to our client’s specific needs. We understand that each brand needs to leave a distinct, one of a kind impression on audiences and viewers.

If you have any questions, quotation requests, or inquiries, feel free to contact us at any time. Morgan and Preston remain your key viral marketing video allies in the Asia Pacific region. We look forward to hearing how we can support your marketing needs.

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