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[WARNING] Industry Wide Scam taking place under Morgan & Preston Brand name in USA.

[ALERT] Filmmakers in USA are getting unsolicited emails from scammers using the Morgan & Preston brand.

Morgan & Preston is a video production company based out of Bangkok, Thailand. We do not have any production in the USA. If you get an email from a Morgan & Preston representative for a job in USA, it is highly likely that you are being scammed.

Some of the emails from Alias using Michael Wong, Jordan Kiwi, Chris Volland, Chris Leewan. They are NOT from Morgan Preston. They are running an industry wide SCAM! Be Aware!

Professionals in the Production Industry is receiving phishing emails from persons name Michael Wong, Jordan Kiwi, Chris Volland & Chris Leewan with the phone number – +1 (530) 203 0775, (773) 377 9522 or +1 (775) 446 4777.

They use some of the following email addresses –


They are NOT FROM Morgan Preston. They are spoofing as a member of the Morgan Preston team using the above email address. We send emails from our own email domain – or our sister company –

Please do not proceed further with any type of production work, artist work, hair & makeup or any work from these scammers.

They will send you a nice long email explaining the job and also send you a contract in our company’s header to make it look real.

We cannot do anything to claim email addresses that do not belong to us. You can report the email from the fake emails as spam which will prevent future users from getting emails from the spoofed email address.

We have reported this to the Federal Trade Commission as well, especially since Money Scamming is taking place. But since they use many emails and many different names, its a game of cat and mouse.

How does the Scam work?

They out a similar FAKE CHECK in your name and then tells you that an extra amount was sent. They then tell you to send the extra money back. This is a typical Fake Bank Check Scam example –

David Magnellie Spam Bank Check

If the scammers tell you otherwise and tells you this post is fake, coming from the real Morgan Preston company’s website – then please use your sound judgement.

Those who have reached out to us about the issue, thank you for giving us a heads up and the information. We truly appreciate it and are trying our best to prevent the spoofing from taking place.

If you have more names and email addresses to be added to the list above, please contact us on our contact form and we will keep updating the list.

Thank you for your help.

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