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The city-state of Hong Kong is a wonderful film production company destination and also a gateway to greater Asia. This sparkling city was once called ‘The Pearl of the Orient’ and for good reason.

The city-state of Hong Kong is a wonderful film production company destination and also a gateway to greater Asia. This sparkling city was once called ‘The Pearl of the Orient’ and for good reason. Strategically situated in a calm bay in the South of China, Hong Kong is a regional hub to both China and Southeast Asia. It has also long been a trading and shipping epicenter. Furthermore, for many years, Hong Kong was one of the world’s largest sources of movies and television. At this time only Hollywood and Bollywood surpassed Hong Kong for output. What this means is that Hong Kong has a long tradition of film production, with a wealth of resources and a highly active native industry. Visiting productions can easily tap into this potential due to high average English language ability and permissive film authorities.

Hong Kong has a visually stunning atmosphere and a historic maritime tradition.
In this article, we will detail some features of Hong Kong that make it such a special production location. This will include information on film production services, Hong Kong locations, crew and equipment, and post-production services. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our producers at any time. We gladly respond to inquiries, questions, or budget requests. Just fill out the contact form below, call, or email and we will reply promptly. Read on to learn more about why Hong Kong is the perfect place for your next feature film, TV series, or TVC!

Film Production Services Hong Kong

Morgan and Preston provide complete film production services in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific.
There are many film production company options in Hong Kong. That’s why it’s so important to choose one that offers complete production services. This begins with pre-production and continues through principal photography and into post-production. Some film production companies will specialize in one aspect of the production process. Meanwhile, others will offer complete packages for every budget tier and every project size. Some production companies specialize in documentary production such as travel shows, reality TV, and broadcast television. Other local houses regularly work with major studio tentpole productions with high budgets and complete production crew. Morgan and Preston can do it all and for this reason, we are valued by our returning clients. In the next section, we’ll detail what makes Morgan and Preston unique.

Production House Hong Kong

From the moment our clients contact us about our Hong Kong film production company, Morgan and Preston give our undivided attention to the filmmaking process. We pay careful attention to detail in the planning stages of pre-production. This includes drafting meticulous shot lists, storyboards, scripts, and itemized budgets. Pre-production is the foundation of any successful project and sets the stage for ultimate success in principal photography and post-. Once we’re ready to guide our clients into principal photography, Morgan and Preston attend to logistics as well. We provide support for services such as dining, lodging, and transportation. This is why our Hong Kong branch is a boutique Asia Pacific film production company. Because of our thorough attention to detail, we have many repeat clients, including major multi-national corporations and luxury brands. We always roll out the red carpet for our clients.

Hong Kong Film Production Locations

Hong Kong's film production locations are varied and abundant.
Film production company location options in Hong Kong are diverse and picturesque. This city is blessed with varied topography, a rich history, and multiple architectural styles both modern and traditional. Hong Kong literally translates to ‘fragrant harbor’ in English. And indeed, the maritime and shipping history of the city gives it a distinct and unmistakable atmosphere. From mountain peaks overlooking Hong Kong’s epic skyline to drifting rustic junk boats docked beneath glistening high rises, the possibilities are limitless. Morgan and Preston can help you find the perfect sites for an adventure film, a comedy, or dramatic series.
In addition to location scouting, we also have local official contacts and can streamline the permit vetting process. This will ensure that all paperwork is in order and there is no production delay. Hong Kong is a wealth of potential, and its film production locations will play a role both in front of and behind the camera. The audience will be enraptured by the stunning ambiance portrayed on screen, adding dimension and depth to the visual narrative.

Crew and Equipment Hong Kong

With the latest equipment and highly-trained crew, it's possible to achieve cinematic perfection.
With the perfect Hong Kong film production company locations chosen, there’s still the matter of finding the best gear and highly trained operators. Due to Hong Kong’s long history and tradition in the film industry, it’s all readily available here. Morgan and Preston can call on our vast local network of professionals and rental houses on our client’s behalf. Local crews include directors, ADs, DPs, PAs as well as gaffers, grips, and props departments.
These consummate pros exhibit a strong work ethic and always go above and beyond the call of duty. Hong Kong film crews speak fluent English and Mandarin and are trained up to Western standards of operation. As far as equipment, it’s all here too. We can help procure Arri, Sony, and Red cameras as well as specialty gear such as rigs, jibs, cranes, Steadicams, dollies, and underwater or aerial devices. With the right crew and the best technology on the market, the sky is the limit.

Videographer Hong Kong

While Morgan and Preston are experts at providing film production company support in Hong Kong, we are also adept at video production as well. Hong Kong is a wonderful locale for all types of videography. This city regularly hosts documentaries, travel shows, corporate videos, live event videos, social media videos, and broadcast TV. If you need a video for Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, Morgan and Preston can work with any budget in order to make sure your next viral marketing campaign racks up views online. Streaming social media video content is the king of 21st-century media, so increasingly brands and companies are tapping into its potential. Let us know how we can help you achieve a new level of internet exposure and marketing outreach.

Post-Production Hong Kong

Post-production services in Hong Kong are available from ADR to animation.
Okay, so pre-production was well planned out and principal photography was a resounding success. The streets and peaks of Hong Kong was a perfect setting for key scenes shot for your feature film, and the local crew all provided exemplary services. What’s next? Well, it is often said that film is a director’s medium, and the most important creative work is done in the editing suite. Here is where the final flourishes are added to a cinematic composition.
Morgan and Preston can help you access state of the art DaVinci grading and both remote and in-house facilities. Some of our complete list of post- services include editing, color grading, SFX, practical effects, subtitles, and credits. We also offer dubbing, Foley, ADR, and sound design. Furthermore, Morgan and Preston are networked with the best Hong Kong musicians and composers who specialize in soundtracks. That way, the stunning visuals of Hong Kong are brought further to life by an immersive musical score that does justice to this panoramic setting.
Thanks for taking the time to read about why Hong Kong is one of the Asia Pacific region’s best film production company locations. Morgan and Preston remain your preeminent local allies, both in Hong Kong and any country in this part of the world. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact our on-call production staff at any time and we will respond promptly. Have a wonderful day!

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