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Laos is popular with documentary filmmakers, travel series productions, and feature film directors seeking something unique and exciting.

For any film production company seeking uncharted territory and pristine panoramas, Laos is a great option. This fast-developing nation has sites that have yet to be put to screen. Highly mountainous and rustic, Laos is popular with documentary filmmakers, travel series productions, and feature film directors seeking something unique and exciting

The valleys and peaks of Laos take viewers on an epic cinematic journey of adventure.

In this article, we’ll detail some of the many reasons why Laos is a premier film production location in Southeast Asia. We’ll go over film production services here, locations, crew and gear, and post-production services. Morgan and Preston are always on call to answer questions, so feel free to reach out at any time. We respond promptly to emails, or you can simply fill out the contact form on this page. Keep reading to learn more about what Laos has to offer enterprising and adventurous filmmakers!

Film Production Services Laos

Morgan and Preston offer complete boutique production company services in Laos and the Asia Pacific.
As Laos emerges from a turbulent past and joins the 21st-century, more and more film production companies are offering services here. Some specialize in certain aspects of the cinematic craft such as pre-production. Other companies will be able to guide visiting producers and directors through principal photography and into post-production as well. Good local film production companies have years of experience in Laos and a vast network to call upon. They can assist with logistics as well, such as dining, catering, transportation, and lodging. Laos is a country that requires careful attention to detail in order to streamline the production process and avoid delay. This country’s infrastructure is still developing, which makes movie producing here challenging at times yet always highly rewarding. In the next section, we’ll go into why Morgan and Preston is the right company to help you get the most out of Laos.

Laos Film Production House

Morgan and Preston have been offering our services to discerning clients in Laos for a decade now. Our local liaison offices in Vientiane are uniquely equipped to provide film and TV support and services for all stages of production. From the very beginning of pre-production through principal photography and post-, we do it all. As soon as we join forces with a client for a Laos project, our producers begin making thorough plans. We pay careful attention to detail in pre-production, drafting shot lists, storyboards, itemized budgets, and scripts. This solid foundation sets the stage for a successful shoot to follow. These are some of the many reasons why Morgan and Preston have so many repeat clients, including major studios from both Hollywood, Bollywood, and China. Our experience, professionalism, and adaptability are second to none in the Asia Pacific.

Film Production Locations Laos

From pre-production to principal photography and post-, Morgan and Preston are here to ensure success.
Laos is a landlocked country that has less arable land than it’s neighbor Thailand. This means that there are lush jungle blanketed mountainsides and deep river valleys to choose from. The Mekong River meanders along the Laos-Thai border, and here there are many small villages that seem preserved in time, tradition, and heritage. As far as urban options, Vientiane while small has many modern and historic architectural styles and landmarks. Laos was once part of French Indochina, so due to this, there are boulevards, shophouses, and monuments preserved from over a century ago. As far as natural attractions go, the Khone Phapheng Waterfalls near Luang Prabang can’t be missed. These falls are the widest in the world and the largest by volume in SE Asia. With such incredible scenery lighting up the screen, audiences will be enthralled by the imagery and visual storytelling thanks to Laos locations.

Crew and Equipment in Laos

With modern equipment and highly-trained crews, each frame will serve the over-arching narrative.
The crew and equipment options in Laos are more limited Than nearby Thailand but the selection is increasing. Morgan and Preston can assist you with procuring the right gear for the job and professionals with training and experience. A visiting film production company to Laos will be able to find everything they need. Arri, Sony, and Red cameras are on hand in Vientiane or can be flown in from Bangkok with ease. Specialty equipment is also available, such as cranes, rigs, jibs, Steadicams, and dollies. Aerial and underwater devices are similarly easily acquired. As far as the crew is concerned, our unparalleled local network is available to our clients. This includes directors, DPs, ADs, PAs, and more. We can help with art departments, wardrobe, casting, props, staffers, and grips. These crews speak excellent English and/or Mandarin Chinese, ensuring punctual and clear communication on the set.

Videography Laos

Laos is often host to streaming travel shows and web-series about nature and outdoor adventure.
It is an indisputable fact that streaming online video is the emerging content king of the 21st-century media ecosystem. Increasingly, consumers are spending more and more hours in their day watching web videos. That’s why Morgan and Preston decided years ago to offer complete video production company services in Laos and the greater ASEAN region. We understand how important it is for companies, multinationals, and global brands to reach target demographics. Some of our portfolio of videography services include corporate video, music videos, live event video, streaming and broadcast video, and viral marketing. We have many clients who rely on us to craft a Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube video that turns heads and captures audience attention. With the right approach and creative vision, our client’s social media video content often goes viral overnight.

Laos Post Production Services

Editing, ADR, color correction, SFX and more are all part of Morgan and Preston's catalog of services.
Now that Laos has provided such a stunning cinematic backdrop for successful principal photography, post-production can commence. It is often said among industry professionals that film is a director’s medium. That means that post-production and editing require the most creative focus and detailed attention. Morgan and Preston can offer all post-production services. We open up the doors for access to both remote and in-house editing suites, color correction, special effects, subtitles, end credits, and more. As far as sound design is concerned, our editors are experts at dubbing, ADR, Foley, and mixing. We also know of the best composers in all of Asia, so your epic feature film will have a soundtrack and score that brings out the narrative tone.
Thanks for reading this article on film production company activity in the lovely country of Laos. Morgan and Preston remain just a phone call or email away. We respond promptly to inquiries, questions, or requests for itemized budgets. We think you will agree that Laos has the special magic and potential to be the location for films of all genres and formats. Have a wonderful day!

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