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Singapore is a film production company epicenter in SE Asia and the Asia Pacific region. This is for a variety of reasons. Truly, Singapore is a connected city, on-par with Hong Kong, New York, and Tokyo for global status.

Singapore is a film production company epicenter in SE Asia and the Asia Pacific region. This is for a variety of reasons. Truly, Singapore is a connected city, on-par with Hong Kong, New York, and Tokyo for global status. This city-state is highly developed and has a modern infrastructure and a hip young populace. As far as the local film production community is concerned, Singapore is also on the cutting edge. Here there are expert technicians, artistic talent, and an established film industry that continually crafts hits for both cinema and the television.

Singapore has a red-hot economy and a highly-connected population.
In this article, Morgan and Preston will go into further detail about what makes Singapore a great film production destination in the ASEAN region and greater Asia. We’ll cover a variety of topics. There will be details about film production services, Singapore locations, videography, and crew and equipment. Feel free to contact our offices in Singapore at any time. We always respond to inquiries, questions, or budget requests promptly. Just fill out the contact form below, call, or email. Read on to learn more about film production company services in the modern city of Singapore!

Film Production Services Singapore

Morgan and Preston offer complete film production services in Singapore and the Asia Pacific.
Singapore has many film production company options and choosing the right one depends on multiple factors. Some production companies will specialize in certain stages of the process, such as pre-production, principal photography, or post-production. Others will specialize in certain genres and formats, such as broadcast television, documentaries, or music videos. It’s always good to go with a film production company that has a lot of experience working in Singapore as well. Film production services include other important aspects of production too. This includes logistics such as food, lodging, and transportation. The best film production companies are equipped to support a project from the beginning planning stages all the way up until the final cut. They have the experience, the know-how, and the expertise to ensure ultimate cinematic success.

Production House Singapore

Morgan and Preston is a boutique Singapore film production company. Our many successful Singapore productions over the past decade have helped us to build an unparalleled local industry network. We have many returning, repeat clients who value our unique portfolio of services, including major studios and networks as well as multi-national companies and luxury fashion brands. Our producers pay careful and meticulous attention to detail from square one. During pre-production, we draft detailed shot lists, scripts, and storyboards, ensuring that the foundation for perfection is set out of the starting gates. Here we also take care of casting if necessary. Moving into principal photography, our exemplary crews mobilize at a moment’s notice to labor day and night on behalf of the creative vision of our discerning clients. Morgan and Preston know film in every way, and we are always excited to learn about how we can provide complete production support.

Singapore Film Locations

Singapore is culturally diverse and has both modern and historic architecture.
Film production company location options in Singapore are diverse and abundant. This city is blessed with a skyline like no other and a multitude of urban scenic potential. Here you can find city parks, high rises, five-star hotels, rustic markets, and ethnic enclaves such as Little India and Chinatown. Furthermore, Singapore has a vast array of architectural styles both traditional and modern, easily doubling for both European, Indian, and Chinese cities. Locations are a very special aspect of film and television production. They essentially play a role both in front of and behind the camera, directly affecting both storytelling and logistical considerations such as catering, wardrobe, and hair and makeup. Morgan and Preston provide complete location scouting and permitting, as well as all logistical services. We’re certain that with the right cinematic backdrop, the audience will be enthralled by the on-screen artistic imagery.

Crew and Equipment

Top-notch crew and cutting-edge gear will bring out the best in your next film or TV project.
Okay, so locations are scouted for, chosen, and fully permitted. However, no production is complete without the latest, state-of-the-art gear and highly-trained, professional operators. Film and television are always a team effort, calling upon the elite talents of the best directors, cinematographers, and actors in the business. For this reason, Morgan and Preston always offer clients access to our local network. We can call upon the skills of this city’s best DP’s, AD’s, PA’s, gaffers, grips, and props and art departments. Singapore crews speak fluent English and Mandarin Chinese, ensuring clear and succinct communication at all times. Morgan and Preston know who’s available and when, as well as which crew members are trained up to Western standards of operation. We can also call on the talent of skilled stunt teams and action coordinators.

Video Production Singapore

Film production is a unique art form, in that it calls upon so many resources and so much talent. Videography, likewise, takes a certain ability to multi-task and manage so many different aspects of production. Morgan and Preston have been producing video content in Singapore for a long time now and we understand why video is so popular. Streaming video is indeed the king of the 21st-century media ecosystem.
Content consumers spend hours each day on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram social media video content. Enterprising companies and brands are increasingly tapping into this viral marketing potential of video. Morgan and Preston regularly assist with corporate video, live event video, and broadcast TV video. We have worked with numerous documentary projects that need lean crews, light equipment, and a highly adaptable, mobile approach to projects such as reality TV and travel shows for major networks. We can help make your Singapore video production light up the screen.

Singapore Post Production Services

State of the art editing suites and grading capabilities will ensure audiences are enthralled with the final cut.
So pre-production was well-planned, and principal photography was perfectly executed. The director and producers have all the coverage they need, with both A-roll and B-roll footage to ensure there is a variety of options for the final edit. It’s not over until it’s over! Here is where the real artistic work begins. While principal photography is the most expensive, time-consuming, and human resource-intensive stage of production, post-production requires the most creative focus.
The editing suite is where the final layers of paint are added to the cinematic masterpiece, bringing out the visual and sonic potential of this dynamic and immersive medium. Morgan and Preston follow through as long as we are needed. We regularly help film production companies in Singapore with post-production services. We can offer SFX, color correction, subtitles, end credits and more. When it comes to sound mixing, we also offer dubbing, Foley, ADR, and voiceover support. Not only that, but we know the best musicians and composers in Singapore, for the best soundtracks in the business.
Thanks for taking the time to read about how Morgan and Preston can support your next Singapore film production company project. As always, our offices here are open business hours and we respond promptly to inquiries or questions. If you want to know more or have a budget request, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. When it comes time to shoot your next movie in Singapore, we’re always ready to mobilize on our client’s behalf. Have a wonderful day!

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